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Barbie The Welder is an American metal sculptor, skilled trades advocate, author, and philanthropist from Pompano Beach, Florida. 
Barbie's hand sculpted masterpieces have been installed by cities and companies and are collected by discerning clients across the globe.
Barbie's use of repurposed metal in her masterpieces honor her Mother and Father and the creative ways they taught her to use found and repurposed materials in her daily life. Her creativity comes from them. 
Barbie playfully combines her love of mechanicalness from her many years in the automotive industry and her love of pirates and buried treasure she acquired while reading mystery books as a little girl to create one of a kind sculptures with delightful secrets & hidden compartments within them.
Barbie's furniture, long since mechanical in nature, is now taking on a new look. Inspired by her new home in Pompano Beach, Florida, and coming from her deep dedication to craftmanship, Barbie is creating sculptural moments in furniture that have never existed before. Each table, lovingly designed and handcrafted, is a timeless masterpiece, signed and numbered 1 of 1. 

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