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With the inspiration that time is what separates good bourbon from great, this piece celebrates the journey of the creation of Baker’s ® Bourbon and the importance of time spent in the barrel. I reflected on the passage of time and the changes that take place from the moment distillate is poured into the barrels and placed into the rackhouse to the moment it’s ready years later. I saw a timelapse view of time passing the night sky over a wise old oak tree as we wait patiently for the perfect moment to unveil what is created inside each oak barrel of Baker’s Bourbon. Time is the distinction between good and great - a novice hurries to finish while a master understands the distinction of time and waits for the moment that a masterpiece becomes a masterpiece.


Size: 20" wide 16" tall and 26" deep

Weight: 107 pounds

Finish: Black Satin and Clear Satin

All sculptures are beautifully wrapped in signature packaging.

Shipping: White Glove Delivery Service

International Shipping: Please contact me at prior to check out to arrainge international shipping. Thank you!

Time's Sweet Promise

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