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The Craftsman's Legacy


A tribute to Baker Beam’s dedication and the craftsmanship of master distillers across generations, this piece honors those who have contributed countless hours to perfecting their skills and who share a profound passion for bourbon. In the skilled trades, craftsmen hand down their skills from generation to generation. We stand on the shoulders of giants: men and women who come before us who have lovingly worked thousands of hours to hone and perfect their skills and then go on to share that passion and knowledge with others. Baker Beam used to carry around tools at the distillery to fix things as a commitment to his craft, and this resonated with me as a testament to his skills and own way of working. This masterpiece honors the craftsmanship of distillers who create the liquid art.


Size: 25" tall 10" wide

Weight:  55 pounds

Finish: Bronze Satin and Clear Satin

USA Shipping: Shipped in a custom crate with Insurance and Tracking Included.

International Shipping: Please contact me at prior to check out to arrainge international shipping. Thank you!

The Craftsman's Legacy

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