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Everything You Need To Know
To Get Started In Metal Art


Before you start...

pneumatic grinder for cutting metal barbie the welder.jpg

Work Space

You don't need a huge workspace to make a huge impact on the art world!

Learn what you need to create the perfect welding art studio!

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MIG vs TIG How to choose the right welder for creating metal art.

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Hand Tools

Learn about the hand tools that you need in creating metal art and the ones that are really nice to have!

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Weld Hoods

It's a welders view of the world! Learn the basics and find the perfect hood for you.


Cutting, Grinding, & Engraving Tools

Learn what method of cutting, grinding, and shaping is the best fit for your workspace and budget. Whether you choose electric or pneumatic, here's everything you need to know about the tools used to cut, grind, and shape metal.

Abrasives, Cut Off Wheels, and Burr Bits

Learn about the abrasives available to sculpt, cut, and shape metal.

See My Pain Barbie The Welder Sculpture crying eye tear splash_edited.jpg

Plasma Cutter

If you can trace it you can cut it out in metal! Learn about plasma cutters and if you need one for the art you want to create.

Work Boots

Steel toe, composite toe, logger, or work shoe. Learn about welding footwear and what you need to stay safe while you create art.

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How To Think Like An Artist

Learn how to find your own voice & style of creation as an artist

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