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Before you start blazing away, it is necessary to go over welding safety.

Welding, cutting, and grinding can all be performed safely when proper procedures are followed. Remember:

  • Arc rays can burn!

  • PROTECT your eyes and face with a welding helmet at all times while welding.

  • PROTECT your body from welding spatter and arc flash with protective clothing, including long-sleeved shirts, pants, gloves, and work boots.

  • PROTECT your eyes with safety glasses and/or a clear plastic face shield, and your ears with noise-reducing headphones or earplugs, at all times while cutting and grinding.

  • Welding fumes are toxic. Be sure to have proper ventilation and protect yourself from breathing harmful fumes.

  • Welding sparks can cause fires. The work area should be free of all flammable materials, papers, rags, & clothing should be stored away from your welding area. Always have a fire extinguisher nearby as a precaution.

  • If you are using shielding gas, always keep the gas cylinder in an upright position and securely chained to a wall or welding cart. Always keep heat, sparks, and flames away from gas cylinders.

  • The electrode and work (or ground) circuits are electrically "hot" when the welder is on. Do not touch these "hot" parts with bare skin or wet clothing.

  • Keep your work area free from clutter

  • Always wear fire resistant clothing and keep your skin covered as you cut, grind, and weld

  • Always wear proper fitting clothing, and keep long hair tied back. Loose clothing and hair can quickly get caught in a grinder

  • Make sure your pantlegs cover the tops of your shoes/ boots to prevent sparks from entering your footwear

  • Protect your feet with leather boots/steel toe shoes

  • Always wear a welding helmet with the correct shade lens while welding

  • Hearing protection, safety glasses, and a face shield should be worn each time you cut or hammer metal

  • Always wear leather gloves to protect your hands and wrists as you weld and work with metal.

  • Protect yourself and others by following & sharing these safe working practices. 

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Investing In Safety

Your first and biggest investment in any welding should be in your safety.
-Barbie The Welder

The Bare Minimum Safety Equipment You Should Be Working With

Click on a picture to be taken to the safety equiptment I recommend

Add These To Be Safer

Click on a picture to be taken to the safety equiptment I recommend

Add These To Be The Safest While You Create

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