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The Spirit Of America The Tradesman

The Spirit Of America The Tradesman

The Spirit of America The Tradesman, or Jack, as I lovingly refer to him, is a hand-sculpted 6-foot-tall steel masterpiece honoring and showcasing tradesmen and women! He is finished with an industrial clear coat for an impressive and durable finish that will last for generations. Incorporated into the sculpture are tools from the following trades: welding & fabrication, automotive, railroad, electrical, plumming, mason, truck driving, farming, machienest, sheet metal workers, auto body, and linemen industries. These tools were sent in from all over the country to be incorporated in this sculpture.

The inspiration for The Tradesman was created from ideas I crowdsourced from my social channels. From the nine pages of brilliant ideas I received, I took two ideas I loved and melded, technically, welded them together. Nine months later, Jack was born!


Jack honors and showcases the skilled trades, which is a joy of mine. When you bring Jack into your family, you get me too—probably not the package deal you were looking for, but hear me out! If you so desire and it serves your business, I would happily do a meet-and-greet VIP event for your unveiling. I've got lots of great ideas to make it a WOW!


Jack includes a certificate of origin, a certificate of authenticity, and my personal delivery in the USA.


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