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MISSION BUILT NOT BOUGHT is my personal mission to empower children to build self esteem, work ethic, problem solving skills, and pride in craftsmanship by introducing them to careers in the skilled trades!


MISSION BUILT NOT BOUGHT showcases the brilliant craftsmen and women who work in the trades, and careers in the trades and will help us bring more talented craftsmen to the industry and close the skills gap we currently have in the workforce.

At the core of MISSION BUILT NOT BOUGHT are 4 children's books I've written. Each book features a trade and a skilled tradesman or woman who teaches the two young stars how to fix and build things they use in their every day life.

I've written the books and am currently searching for the perfect illustrator to bring these stories to life and saving to hire them when I find them. If you know an illustrator you feel would be perfect please send them my way and if you'd like to help me finance the project please donate using the button below.

Love, Barbie The Welder

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