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Millions of people have been inspired by Barbie through her books, videos, and social media, now you can experience her powerful message in person!

With well over 100 students, parents, and teachers in the auditorium, you could hear a pin drop as everyone’s attention was on Barbie The Welder as she talked about her path in life and what it took to achieve the success she has today. Her message was a true inspiration to the students and adults alike. We were fortunate to have had her as the keynote speaker at the AWS Weld-Off competition held here at the Alfred State College extension campus at the Northland Workforce Training Center in Buffalo NY.” 


Dave Kostick

Program Coordinator for Extended Learning

Alfred State College



working as a skilled trade professional

Learn how a career in welding teaches you problem solving, self esteem, confidence, the importance of teamwork and community, focus, patience, and so much more!

When people think about a career in welding the first thing normally said is how much money you make. It's true, welders do make bank, but welding offers way more than financial benefits!

40-60 minute keynote USA $5,000 plus travel

40-60 minute keynote International $10,000 plus travel


Living inspired is so much more powerful than needing motivation! Learn how to design and create your life and love what you do every day!

40-60 minute keynote USA $5,000 plus travel

40-60 minute keynote International $10,000 plus travel

artist entrepreneur

Learn how to grow a thriving art business with in depth one on one education. You know how to create epic art that feeds your soul, now learn how to create a business that consistently feeds your belly. In a 3 day intensive class tailored to your business goals you will learn branding, marketing, social media, pricing your art, and connecting with businesses as an influencer!

3 day 36 hour intensive class USA $10,000 plus travel

3 day 36 hour intensive class International $20,000 plus travel

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