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Sad angel sculpture barbie the welder statue

Investing In A Custom Sculpture Brings You Way More Value Than Just Bragging Rights!

When you partner with me to create a custom sculpture for you or your business, you are investing in an appreciable asset, using a unique marketing technique that has impact and shareability, will set you above your competition, and, of course, there's the BRAGGING RIGHTS!

What To Expect

I work closely with you designing and planning the details of your sculpture. Some of my clients prefer to fly me to their location so we can create the design details together in the space their sculpture will be installed and others prefer to work with me over phone or Zoom calls. Whichever method you choose, spending this time with you allows me to serve you on the highest level and create exquisite details that you and I will both love!

Exclusive Access!

As I create your sculpture you get exclusive access to me through scheduled video calls right from my studio! You'll experience what your sculpture looks like as it's being created and have the opportunity to ask questions! This is a fun and unique experience for family members and friends or other members of your company or board! I encourage you to share this experience with others and have them bring their own questions!

Do you work in an industrial building? Ask me about creating your sculpture on location like I did for Harley Davidson, Miller Welders, and other clients!

Marketing For Your Company That Has IMPACT!

I create marketing that has IMPACT and SHARABILITY for you and your company! As your sculpture is created I share the process through my social media which currently has more than 325,000 followers across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The more complex your sculpture, the longer your company will be showcased through my social channels! 

Sculpture Unveiling!


All that's created is celebrated, and I love a great party! Many of my clients choose to have an unveiling party with a Barbie The Welder meet and greet once their sculpture is installed! This is another unique marketing opportunity with IMPACT!

Barbie The Welder VIP Party!

You just hit VIP status! Each year I host an exclusive invitation only party at my studio and you and a guest are invited! Join me and my friends for studio tours, live music, dancing, entertainment, great food and drinks, and a guest lineup that will blow your mind!  (18 and up)

Booking Your Commission!

Once the details are decided I create an estimate for you to review and give you your delivery date. I am currently booking for April 2023. Payment in full is required to book a custom sculpture.

Custom Sculpture Request

“Adding Barbie’s sculpting expertise to the American Welding Society’s Arc2Art “Metal Maiden” project was a great way to feature her immense talent.  The dedication and tireless hours she spent creating this sculpture are truly commendable.  Her work will surely spark interest and inspire the tens of thousands who visit the Careers in Welding Trailer each year. “

— Monica Pfarr

Executive Director, AWS Foundation

American Welding Society

First Responder Honor Park-08.jpg

"What makes Barbie’s art the coolest is that every piece carries a piece of her inside it. That heart is why Barbie was the perfect artist to create the Harley Davidson 115th anniversary eagle that was presented to Harley Davidson in front of the thousands that gathered at the celebration."

— Jesse James Dupree

Lead singer for Jackyl & Owner of Mighty Loud Entertainment

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