BarbieTheWelder Horseshoe Crafts 30 Easy Projects To Weld At Home

My name is BarbieTheWelder and I'm a full time metal sculptor. I run on coffee, shenanigans, and the occasional cigar, pursuing my greatest passion, using repurposed materials the average person would throw away to create one of a kind sculptures for clients all over the world! I love the challenge of using repurposed materials and giving something a second chance to be BEAUTIFUL! Each sculpture I create is a work of heart. Every day presents a new challenge but when my client sees their idea brought to life it is the best feeling in the world!
I live and work from my home in Erin, N.Y. where I am saving up for property so I can build a big girl fabrication shop!
Shop my unique metal sculpture online through my Etsy shop, BarbieTheWelder.
Check out my YouTube channel where I share videos teaching how to weld art, show how my sculptures are made, or get some no BS realistic entrepreneur advice.


Want more information about the gear I use and trust?

My Shop:
Millermatic MIG Welder 211
Syncrowave TIG Welder 210
Spectrum 375 X-Treme Plasma Cutter

Where to find Weiler Abrasive Products

Where I buy my horseshoes:

Baileigh Industrial Horizontal Band Saw

My Book, Horseshoe Crafts is now available through Barnes & Noble, Tractor Supply, & several online retailers! SHOP NOW!