BarbieTheWelder went to school to learn to weld in 2007 after seeing the woman welding giant angel wings in the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks. In 2008 she was hired at a custom fabrication shop in her home town where she worked for four years while saving to purchase a home, for the garage. Nine months later she was able to purchase the welders and equipment she needed to create art from home, and she quickly went to work designing and creating anything she could think of. She left the fabricating job that she loved to work for herself fulltime in September 2014.

To date BarbieTheWelder has created sculpture for clients in eight different countries and has sculptures on display in three New York art galleries.

BarbieTheWelder created the first live art welding show  in the world, where she travels to events and welds her art live for onlookers, walking them through welding and cutting techniques used in creating metal sculpture.

BarbieTheWelder started a second business, Dirtrocker Nation, a blue collar clothing company, in 2013.

Using her lessons from life as a full time artist, BarbieTheWelder started a blog in 2016, designed to inform, inspire, and help artist entrepreneurs thrive. Her YouTube channel features videos teaching viewers how to weld metal art with easy to follow step by step instructions.

BarbieTheWelder lives and works from her home in Erin, N.Y.

Connect with her via Facebook and Instagram @barbiethewelder and @dirtrockernation to view her latest sculpture and newest apparel or shop her unique metal sculpture online through her Etsy shop, BarbieTheWelder. Watch her weld art live through her YouTube channel, BarbieTheWelder