Seeing the woman welding giant angel wings in the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks spoke to my soul and I knew it was my life mission to weld art. It took me nine months to save for tuition and in 2007 I was able to enroll in an adult welding class. In 2008 I was hired at a custom fabrication shop in my home town where I worked for four years while I fixed my credit and saved to purchase a home, for the garage. In 2011 I purchased my home and nine months later I had saved enough to purchase the welders and equipment I needed to open my studio. I quickly went to work designing and creating anything I could think of! I left the fabricating job that I loved to work for myself fulltime in September 2014.

To date I have created sculpture for clients in eight different countries and have sculptures on display in three New York art galleries.

My book, Horseshoe Crafts, 30 Projects You Can Weld At Home is coming out in August 2017.

I live and work from my home in Erin, N.Y. where I am saving up for property so I can build a big girl welding studio!

Connect with me via Facebook and Instagram @barbiethewelder and @dirtrockernation to view my latest sculpture and newest apparel or shop my unique metal sculpture online through my Etsy shop, BarbieTheWelder. Learn to weld art or get some sound entrepreneur advice through my YouTube channel, BarbieTheWelder